Small Groups

Small groups bring together up to twelve people in a comfortable place like a living room or restaurant to talk about the Bible and life. They have been a vital part of Brookwood Community Church since the church began, and there are raving fans of the ministry all around. Small groups are so important and popular at Brookwood, because they have produced results. People have been cared for, found friendships, and become extraordinary followers of Jesus through small groups.

Small Groups Lower Barriers

Small Groups can sound a little intimidating at first. Some people worry that they do not know enough about the Bible. Other people wonder what it is like to talk about life and the Bible with other people. There are even a few who worry that someone will make them talk or pray out loud. Small groups at Brookwood are safe places with well-trained leaders who take fear out of the group experience. No one gets called out or forced to do something uncomfortable.

Small Groups Help

Small Groups are also great places to follow Jesus together. Just reading the Bible together and trying to figure out what it means for real life makes a person a better follower of Jesus. On top of that, the other people in a small group provide constant reminders that we are not alone; people like us are facing the same challenges we are facing and they following Jesus at the same time. It makes following Jesus seem like something we can handle and something we really want to do.

Small Groups Flex

Small Groups at Brookwood are scheduled to fit the needs and interests of group members. They meet at different times. They have different requirements. They even have differing depths. Finding a match is possible for most people.

To learn more about small groups, or if you are interested in joining or leading a small group, stop by Connection Point any Sunday. Connection Point volunteers will be able to ask questions about your interests and schedule. These questions help us to find the best fit available.