Brookwood Community Church is committed to helping people love God, love one another, and help people follow Jesus. That commitment leads us to do three things together:

We keep this list of ministries short, because we want to enable members and attendees to participate in the best activities available to help each of us follow Jesus. We do not clutter our calendars with good things that don’t really do what they are designed to do.

In Matthew 22:37, Jesus said that it was essential for his followers of love God. While there are many ways to express our love for God, worshipping weekly givings us the opportunity to express that love together. During worship we proclaim God’s Story and remind ourselves of his love for us. We also teach the rationale for following Jesus and even try to lay out how it works. Worship is also where we call each other to allow God to reshape our priorities and assert Jesus’ leadership over new areas of our lives.

In Matthew 22:39 and John 13:34, Jesus added that it was essential for his followers of love others. We join small groups, because these communities give us chances grow in loving each other. In small groups we pray for each other and help out when help is needed. Beyond that, we learn further what we need to know and do as followers of Jesus. Small groups are ideal learning environments, because we talk about life and the Bible together. We also have the chance to see how other people are following Jesus. We cheer for and encourage each other.

In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus said that it was also essential for his followers to make new followers. We do this by serving people and making spiritual conversations possible. Follow the links provided to learn far more about the ministries of Brookwood Community Church.