Brookwood helps people follow Jesus using three main strategies.


Glorify God and find your place in His Story.

We worship God because we love Him.

Our worship services are robust and creative, helping us learn more about God as we study the Bible together and respond to God through singing, prayer, and other elements.


Casual, contemporary worship with a traditional touch.

At Brookwood, we have a contemporary musical style. A typical Sunday morning includes electric guitar, drums, piano, and multiple vocalists harmonizing. However, we believe that our musical roots are important to celebrate and remember – so you’ll often hear hymns, too.


Worship isn’t a musical style – it’s a lifestyle.

Regardless of worship style, we believe that worship is an important response to a loving and mighty God. Therefore, we first and foremost strive for worship to be an authentic experience that advances far beyond our auditorium walls, into every square inch of our lives.


Join the team.

Our worship services happen thanks in part to the talent and effort of volunteers. These dedicated people serve as producers, service leaders, media technicians, and musicians, just to name a few. Are you interested in serving in Worship Arts at Brookwood? Contact Matt Klein, Worship Arts Director, at



Join a small group and live Jesus’ lifestyle together.

Small groups bring together up to twelve people in a comfortable place like a living room or restaurant to talk about the Bible and life. Brookwood folks love our small groups because people get care, find friendships, and follow Jesus together.


Small Groups Lower Barriers

Small Groups can sound a little intimidating. Some people worry that they don’t know enough about the Bible. Other people wonder what it is like to talk about life with other people. There are even a few who worry that someone will make them talk or pray out loud.

Small groups at Brookwood are safe places with well-trained leaders who take fear out of the group experience. No one gets called out or pushed to do something uncomfortable.


Small Groups Help

Small Groups are also great places to follow Jesus together. Just reading the Bible together and trying to figure out what it means for real life makes a person a better follower of Jesus.

On top of that, the other people in a small group show us that we’re not alone. People like us are facing similar challenges while still following Jesus. Seeing that reminds us that following Jesus is possible and a great way to live.


Small Groups Flex

Small Groups at Brookwood are scheduled to fit the needs and interests of group members. They meet at different times and take unique approaches. Finding a match is possible for most people.

To learn more or to join a small group, stop by Connection Point any Sunday. Volunteers will ask questions about your interests and schedule. These questions help us find the best fit available.


Use your gifts and help more people follow Jesus.

Serving provides a great way to get to know Brookwood . Some people make their best connections as with others and get to know them. Also, when we get involved, we help other people follow Jesus and get to see God use us in the process.


Get Involved!

Volunteers have so many options! Some jobs can be completed easily on Sunday mornings while attending Brookwood. Others involve some preparation. Some provide opportunities to interact directly with people while others require behind the scenes work. Greeting people, setting up, or serving coffee might be a great place to start. To learn more, let’s talk! E-mail or stop by Connection Point. 


Our Commitments

Don’t worry. We understand that your time is valuable, and you expect to have a good experience when you volunteer. That’s why we’ve made some important commitments. We will help you find a place to serve that fits you best. We’ll always keep your needs first in finding that position for you. We’ll make sure you have everything you need to do the job you choose, and we won’t ask you to do too much. For more information, e-mail


Connection Coaching

Wondering where to serve and how God can use you? Connection Coaches help us discover our unique gifts and help us figure out how to contribute at work, at home, and in what God is doing in this world. To meet with a Connection Coach, e-mail