Walking into West Junior High School on Sunday mornings, Brookwood Community Church feels surprisingly familiar. Warmth and excitement permeate the air as people greet each other, catch up from the past week, and gather for worship. Somehow it feels like a church even though Brookwood meets in a school. The people are welcoming, the facility feels comfortable, and the worship service hits notes that just feel right.


Worship feels fresh.

At the same time, Brookwood seems fresh. The music is familiar, but the beat is new. There are prayers that feel close and connected. The Bible is taught, and it makes sense and connects with real life. Conversations happen about how to follow Jesus.

People welcome you.

People are friendly. They welcome you but still respect your personal space. They are glad to see you but will not overwhelm you as you try to figure out what God is doing in your life right now. Still, they are real. They speak plainly and openly about life and celebrate the truth about God.

You get to grow.

People at Brookwood know God personally and can help you figure out who God is and what he wants. These are people you’ll see at the grocery store and at little league games. They can help you build the connection with God that will make your life work. You may even end up making the world better.