What makes Brookwood unique.


To help people follow Jesus.

May Jesus lead every square inch of our lives.

We want him to permeate our homes, impact our neighborhoods, guide our work, and change our culture.

We hold nothing back.


Our environments for helping people follow Jesus.


Glorify God and find your place in His Story.


Join a small group and live Jesus’ lifestyle together.


Use your gifts and help more people follow Jesus.

Brookwood Community Church started with a simple vision—helping people follow Jesus. From the start we decided that we would pursue that one goal, so we refused to fill people’s calendars with activities that don’t help them follow Jesus more closely.

Instead we provide the best, most effective ways to help people follow Jesus. We concentrate on Jesus’ three essential instructions to love God, love others, and make more followers of him.  These instructions inspired us to focus on worship, small groups, and serving people — essentials which actually help people follow Jesus.  

Our passion extends to our next generation-children and students. We do everything for them to the best of our ability. They deserve nothing less.

Our commitment to help people follow Jesus definitely includes our community. We want to be good neighbors and make our community better. As we do, we hope that more people will join us in following Jesus.