We help people follow Jesus.

We help people follow Jesus  


We follow Jesus’ three most important instructions together.


The Holy Spirit helps us follow Jesus.


We help each other follow Jesus in small groups.


Help more people follow Jesus by serving them.


In some ways Brookwood Community Church’s history began with its first public worship service on Sunday, October 5, 2008. However, the story starts before then with Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie. Wooddale is Brookwood’s parent church. Starting new churches has been an important part of Wooddale’s focus on outreach for years. Eight other “daughter churches” preceded Brookwood from as early as 1992.

Wooddale Church gave Brookwood a good start by providing a team of dozens of people who worked with Rob O’Neal, Brookwood’s founding pastor, to dream, pray, and plan for the new congregation. Wooddale also provided funding, guidance, and logistical support to the young church.

Brookwood launched from day one with a vigorous children’s ministry, a full-fledged worship arts ministry, and a commitment to excellence. During the first year, the church began student ministry, small groups, social activities, an outreach ministry, and a leadership team. By January 1, 2010, the church had grown to the point where it became independent with its own Constitution and Board of Elders and with the congregation making the most important decisions.

Brookwood began meeting in the auditorium of the Junior High School in Shakopee. The name of that facility has since been changed to West Junior High School. At its annual meeting in 2011, the church appointed a group to begin thinking about a future home for the congregation, a journey that has only just begun.

The future is bright for Brookwood. God is helping the people of Brookwood follow Jesus, and he is using them to help others become followers of Jesus as well. Consider joining us one Sunday to learn more.

How to Join

We encourage attendees of Brookwood Community Church to consider joining. We believe that the Church is a community of followers of Jesus gathered together around common beliefs, seeking to follow Jesus daily. Members of a local congregation, then, will live a recognizably distinct life.

The “Path to Membership” includes attending Starting Point and involves completing a membership application and a meeting with an interview team. Membership decisions are finalized when the congregation meets annually. Starting Point is a one-afternoon class that discusses the Path to Membership and the church’s membership requirements in more detail. Starting Point also introduces the church’s values and strategies.

Dates for Starting Point are announced in worship on Sundays, in the “What’s Happening” column at brookwood.net, and in the Current (a publication distributed to attendees on Sunday mornings). Some future Starting Point dates are indicated on the calendar here at the website. To register for Starting Point, click here.

Membership Requirements

  • A statement of faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord
  • Agreement with the Statement of Faith and Covenant of Brookwood
  • Baptism
  • Evidence of a desire to live a consistent Christian life
  • Attendance at Brookwood Community Church’s worship services
  • Participation in a small group
  • Volunteering in some role
  • Agreement to abide by Brookwood policies on Member discipline
  • 15 years old or older
  • Completion of the Path to Membership



We make the Bible clear and following Jesus practical. We draw attention to God and focus our time and structures on our purpose.


We welcome people and make room for them in our lives, because following Jesus is handed from person to person, especially in families.


We make followers of Jesus who make generations of disciples. Using the gifts God has given to us, we reach out and multiply disciples, leaders, groups, and churches.


Jesus invited people to follow him. Like his Father, Jesus called people to love God, love others, and make disciples. Now he invites us to follow him as well.

We will follow Jesus by genuinely living the lifestyle he taught and helping many more people do the same. We will proclaim the good news of God’s amazing love and call people to him. We will include people in a community where God’s love overflows and hand Jesus’ lifestyle from one person to another. We will discover our gifts and use them for God’s glory—at home, with our friends, in our neighborhoods, and as we work. We will make extraordinary followers of Jesus who multiply for generations and change the world.

– Matthew 22:37-39, Matthew 28:19-20.