You Belong Here

You won’t be just another face in the crowd. Brookwood offers real community. Come and see!



Kids and Students Belong Here

We value children and students. They get our best energy. We help families follow Jesus together.



There's a Place for You

You matter to God, and you matter to us. Following Jesus is a journey. Let’s take this journey together.



At Brookwood Community Church, we help people follow Jesus.

Do you want a living, vibrant connection with God through Jesus? We have found that following Jesus makes life better. If you’re interested in following him, we can help. How?

Worship weekly.

Worshipping weekly recharges us and reminds us who we really are. We want to help you understand God and who he has created you to be. Join us.


Join a small group.

Small groups help us follow Jesus. They give us people to share our joys and struggles. They also help us develop important habits like studying the Bible and praying.


Use your gifts.

God has given each of us gifts. We can help you uncover yours and use them for God’s glory. We will honor your time and help you follow Jesus in the process.


We simply want to help.

We can help you follow Jesus and give you a platform for helping more people do the same. We want to make God look good by making an investment in you. How can we help?

Brookwood and TurningPoint Churches have merged. Together we are known as Resonate Community Church. Join us! Please visit our new website at